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Cruising in general can bring up many questions.  Then, add in the quilting portion and you get even more.  Here are some of the more frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to email me at michelle@traveladventuresbymichelle.com.  I look forward to seeing you onboard one of my quilting adventure cruises.

  • Q:   How much quilting experience do I need to have to join one of your cruises?
  • A:   Your adventure will be more fun and enjoyable if you have some quilting knowledge.  My educators are asked to design projects that show some techniques and are easy enough for moderate quilters, but challenging enough for advanced quilters.  I keep the number of participants to a smaller, more manageable size in order to allow the educator to provide some one on one and small group instruction, but you should be able to do basic sewing and quilting.
  • Q:  Do you recommend travel insurance?
  • A:   Each and every time  you travel – YES!  For US residents, a quote from Travel Guard will be provided once your initial deposit has been received.  When purchased within 15 days of the initial deposit, the policy will also include the pre-existing condition waiver.  For Non-US residents, I advise you to contact a local insurance agency to purchase travel insurance.
  • Q:  Will I need a passport to travel?
  • A:  A passport is always strongly recommended.  A passport book is better than a passport card.  If you do not have a passport or do not want to get a passport, you can still cruise with a birth certificate and photo ID as long as the cruise leaves and returns to the same US port.  However, in the event of a one-way cruise such as Panama Canal, or if the cruise begins or ends in a non-US port, you will be required to have a passport.  It is always best to be safe and have what you need in the event of an emergency that would require you to return home by air from a foreign country.  Passports are easy to obtain and take about 4-6 weeks to receive after applying.
  • Q:  Can I book through the cruise line directly or my own travel agent and then add on the Quilting portion?
  • A:  Unfortunately, NO.  In order to be a part of Quilting Adventures events, you must book directly through Travel Adventures by Michelle.
  • Q:  Which cruise lines do you use?
  • A:  Quilting Adventures only offers quilting cruises on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Holland America Cruise Lines.
  • Q:  What is provided for the package price?
  • A:  Each cruise is different, so it’s best to read through the content online to see what’s included in the package.  However, the basic package always includes your cruise fare, port charges, taxes, all onboard Quilting Adventure events, all quilting workshops, and the quilt top kit.  Sewing machines are provided for your use on every quilting cruise, with a dedicated technician onboard to show you the features of the machine, answer any questions, and ultimately offer you a great “cruise only” deal.
  • Q:  Can we sew anytime we want?
  • A:  In order to provide security and safety for all of my guests, as well as others on the ship, the classroom will have set hours that it is open.  You will receive a printed agenda to refer to.  In general, each of the days at sea will be quilting days, with a few hours of Open Stitch and Sail each day.  The classroom will be closely monitored and secured when not in use and no one is permitted to be in the room or sewing at other times.
  • Q:  What other travel related costs should I expect?
  • A:  Your flight, pre and post cruise hotels, shore excursions, and onboard purchases will be additional.  For Holland America cruises, your gratuities will also be additional.  For Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises, we are able to include the gratuities in the package.  Travel Adventures by Michelle is a full-service agency and will be happy to assist with any of your travel needs.
  • Q:  How do we arrange for dining onboard?
  • A:  All dining will be arranged by Michelle, with the group being seated near one another, on early dining if available.  You are welcome to dine elsewhere if you wish, but keep in mind that our Open Stitch and Sail nights will require you to dine early so as not to miss out on your sewing time.
  • Q:  What do I need to bring?
  • A:  You will be provided with a packing list and quilting supply list prior to the cruise.  We ask that you bring your basic sewing supplies, such as small cutting mat, rotary cutter with extra blades, trim scissors, pins, seam ripper, etc.  Each educator may have something specific they want you to bring as well and we will let you know what that is.
  • Q:  What options do I have if I have special needs or requests?
  • A:  Michelle is a Certified Accessibility Agent so if you need a wheelchair or scooter rental, or even oxygen, she can provide you with that information.  If you have food allergies, accessibility needs, etc, please provide that information on your registration form and she will work to provide you with what you need.
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